Emsella Can Help!

The Big 3 – childbirth, menopause, and body aging. 


The “Big 3” unfairly increases the odds that a woman may develop urinary incontinence in her lifetime.  Today, Wave It Away would like to share with you an effective treatment for women that after childbirth must wear a pad or liner to prevent embarrassing accidents.


Postpartum urinary incontinence is the uncontrolled leakage of urine.  The amount of involuntarily leaked urine can vary after a pregnancy.  Some mothers will regain control of their pelvic floor muscles after delivering their newborn baby; unfortunately, certain mothers must deal with fatigued muscles that cannot control the outflow of urine from the body.  Some women will struggle with incontinence the rest of their lives!  Wave It Away can help.  We offer the FDA approved BTL Emsella which effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles while you remain fully clothed.  Electromagnetic stimulation leads to regained control over your pelvic floor muscles.


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