Answers For ED With Emsella

One of the big things for guys is, “How do I find an answer for my Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?” Sadly, guys typically don’t address this topic because of embarrassment or discomfort in talking about the topic. But that doesn’t help you find answers or to deal with ED!


  • Stop taking medications that cause ED (However, this can only be done by the guidance of your physician; this may not be a viable option)

  • Take medications like Viagra, Cialis, Stendra (These can cause very unpleasant side effects like headaches, etc.)

  • Vacuum pumps to pull blood into your penis

  • Penile rings that keep the blood in the erect penis

  • Penile implants that can be inflated when a man is ready for intercourse

  • Try to remove stress and anxiety in your life.

  • Therapy

  • Stop using porn and other ways of stimulation that keep you from seeking personal intimacy with your mate

  • Live a healthier lifestyle -- exercise; eat a healthy, well-balanced died; eat in moderation (try not to overeat)

  • Truly love your spouse

  • Low intensity shockwave therapy that removes plaque in blood vessels and creates new blood vessels like what you can receive here at Wave It Away.


At Wave It Away in Evansville, we have two options to treat ED. One is the Duolith SD1 focused shock wave therapy device -- go to the previous tab to learn about that treatment.


The other option is the Emsella Chair. The original software enabled the chair to treat incontinence in women and men by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. Early in 2020 a new, stronger protocol was designed so that the Emsella Chair can now treat men with ED!


You come to our office and sit on the Emsella Chair in Evansville, IN for 28 minutes. You do not have to undress; just sit as you come! Emsella does 11,200 Kegel exercises in 28 minutes. The protocol is 6 treatments, twice a week for three weeks. We have found that patients may need some maintenance treatments quarterly to maintain the achieved results.


Some men might even try a combination of the Duolith shockwave therapy with Emsella.


Imagine being able to perform again; imagine feeling like yourself, like “a man” again; and imagine reigniting the intimacy with their mate and both of you being thrilled!

Contact us to see if Wave It Away in Evansville, IN might be able to help you.