Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Emsella chair or DuoLith machine feel like?

You can definitely feel that something’s going on in the area of treatment, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s very safe in that sense.  Most clients describe the focused waves as a tingling sensation.  The term “shockwave therapy” may sound, well…shocking!  Rest assured; the waves are painless.  The nurse will be asking for your feedback throughout the session.  The energy level can be adjusted for your comfort.  Don’t think it has to feel painful for it to work.  Pain is subjective; everyone tolerates different intensity levels of the focused waves from the Duolith machine or electromagnetic impulses from the Emsella chair.  The adage, “no pain no gain” doesn’t apply here.


How long does a typical treatment last?

A session takes no time at all; you may be at our office for a half hour at most. The frequency of the treatments is dependent on how your body responds over time and how long you find the effects last for you.  Our approved protocols are based on extensive research from quality studies.  Each treatment that we offer has been approved by our licensed medical director.  Some clients may want more treatments after their initial treatment program…it’s up to you.  This is why your feedback is important for us to help you with your goal. 

The Emsella chair treatments are scheduled twice a week for 3 weeks.  Our protocol for ED requires six initial sessions with focused waves.  Treatment to injured tendons and muscles varies with one or two sessions per week and depending upon the treatment area two to six weeks.

Are there reasons why I couldn’t be treated with the Emsella chair or DuoLith machine?

Some of the contraindications for the Emsella chair include cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillators, drug pumps, malignant tumor, pregnancy, IUD birth control, and metal around the electromagnetic impulse target area.  Our licensed nurse will ask you more in-depth questions to see if Emsella is right for you. 

The Duolith machine has the same contraindications as the Emsella chair, but with a few more contraindications such as anti-coagulant medications (blood-thinners) such as Eliquis, Coumadin, Xarelto, etc.  Hereditary bleeding conditions also hinder treatment.  It is important to tell the nurse if you had a steroid injection or medication within the last three months.  There are some other health questions that we will ask you about your health.  A licensed physician will review the health questionnaires to determine if our treatments are right for you.  Your health information is kept private.

Will my health insurance cover the Emsella chair or DuoLith focused wave therapy?

Unfortunately…No.  Focused wave therapy is considered an off-label treatment for ED and other symptoms at this time.  The Emsella chair may be covered in the near future.  It’s a low-risk option medically, but if you Google search the benefits and extensive research on the internet, you will find that the results are promising.  But the benefits of focused wave therapy for ED and soft tissue injuries outweigh the wait for the regulatory process to approve health insurance coverage.  Compare the annual cost of incontinence supplies such as pads, liners, and diapers to our price for Emsella treatments.  And what price do you put on less worry about leaking urine in your daily activities.  We are here to help you live the life you love. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, check, or cash.  If you are paying in cash, then please bring the exact amount.  Financing is also available…We have partnered with some financing companies that have an easy and convenient application process that tells you if you’re approved in minutes.  Full payment for services must be paid before we start any treatments.  Our consultation to see if our treatments are right for you is free.


Do I get a perk or benefit if I refer a friend?

Yes…and thank you!  Call or talk to us about what great incentives we offer if you refer a new client that completes a treatment package. 


Do I have to stop taking my prescribed medications while I’m being treated?

Great question.  Do not stop taking prescribed medications without first consulting your professional health care provider.  It is important that you provide a list of your prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, and all herbs and supplements that you are currently taking during your health consultation with our licensed nurse. 

You will be advised to avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.  Focused waves promote cellular inflammation to promote blood flow to supply nutrient-rich blood to areas of injury.  NSAIDs are anti-inflammatory.  We will ask our medical director whether you should take NSAIDs during your focused wave treatment.  You may take NSAIDs during the Emsella chair treatments.     

Can I still take Viagra, Cialis, or like medications after focused wave therapy?

More than likely…all clients must complete a health history form and ED questionnaire for our licensed medical director to see if you’re a good candidate for focused wave therapy (no embarrassing or uncomfortable physical exam).  Numerous studies have indicated that most men reduce their PD5 inhibitors medication and still achieve an erection after focused wave therapy.  Individual results may vary.


How do I get to your office?

Our office is located off South Hebron Avenue.  From Washington Avenue, turn onto South Kenmore Drive when you see the German American Bank.  The office building will be on the left of South Kenmore Drive in the Hebron Office Plaza. From Bellemeade Avenue, turn onto Kenmore Drive and our office will be on the right in the Hebron Office Plaza.   There is ample and convenient parking. 

909-A S Kenmore

Evansville, IN  47714


Still have more questions?  Call us at (812) 602-4160