Is ED Affecting Your Intimacy?

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You are NOT alone; in fact, most men over 40 struggle with ED issues!


And you likely know some of the emotional struggles that accompany ED. You may struggle with your manhood. You may feel “less than” what you used to be. You may try to avoid any discussion of or participation in sexual activity. It is just easier to not try than to fail again!


WHY do guys have these issues? There are lots of reasons. Some are psychologically rooted; some are neurologically based, some are disease related, some are medication based, some are relationship related. Here are a few reasons guys have different levels of ED:


  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Surgery like prostate removal

  • Diseases, like diabetes and MS

  • Heart issues like high blood pressure or hardening of the arteries

  • Penile abnormalities like foreskin or Peyronine’s (scar tissue that causes curvature)

  • Medications for blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and cholesterol [Search sites like to see if meds you are taking case ED.]

  • Faulty vein and valve -- this allows blood to drain and destroys the erection

  • Anxiety

  • Performance anxiety -- when a guy struggles to perform, fear sets in and he worries that he will not have an erection; this can keep him from performing

  • Low testosterone

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Stress

  • Sexual abuse in childhood

  • Feeling inadequate because he cannot get his wife pregnant

  • Porn and self-pleasure; thus, a man may not be able to perform in a real intimate situation


Some of these issues cannot be reversed. Some require surgery; others require a change of or cessation of medication. Some require counseling. Some require lifestyle changes.


And many men can be helped by therapies like our Duolith SD-1 shock wave therapy machine that helps to remove plaque in the penile blood vessels and to create new blood vessels and our BTL Emsella chair that uses electromagnetic impulses to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and enhance male sexual performance.

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