Are You Struggling With Pain?

Thanks for clicking on this link. Hopefully, this leads to you entering a journey to find answers for your struggles with pain.


What kinds of activities do you do? Baseball? Basketball? Running? Soccer? Cycling? Golf? Bowling? Tennis?


Do you have physical struggles with pain in your body? Plantar fasciitis? Heal spurs? Hamstring pulls? Calf strains? Tennis elbow? Golfer’s elbow? Tendinitis? Sciatica? Carpal tunnel? Shoulder calcification? Strained upper or lower back? Shin splints? Bursitis? TMJ?


We guys like to think that we are tough, he-men, who should never get hurt! As men age, they like to think that they are still 16 or 21 and can still be as athletic as we were then! And whatever activities and recreational sports we enjoy, strains and pain can greatly hinder us participating. And we often keep “pushing through” the pain following the old adage “No pain; no gain!”


All kinds of answers are given to dealing with pain:


  • Cease your participation

  • Physical therapy

  • Surgery

  • Injections

  • Bands and tape

  • Slings

  • Boots

  • Medication -- pain relievers and muscle relaxers



So many of the above answers are just NOT ACCEPTABLE. Who wants to stop the activities that we love! Surgery, slings, and boots can make you stop activities for weeks or months. Medications can make you lethargic, loopy, and constipated.


We want you to know about an amazing alternative! Wave It Away in Evansville, IN uses the DuoLith SD-1 focused shock wave therapy machine. These waves provide a non-surgical, non-anesthetic, no additional medication, no-down time, pain free treatment. This wave therapy accelerates the healing process in the body by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. Focused wave therapy can successfully address chronic pain in areas such as the: knee, ankle, heel, foot, hamstring, back, shoulder, jaw, elbow, wrist, and hand. It is also used to address sports injuries and many other painful debilitating conditions. Treatments can occur once or twice a week for 2 - 4 weeks. The results can be amazing and can get you back on the field, on the court, on the course, on the bike, or on the lane very quickly!

“I had scar tissue in my inner thigh; it would keep me from stretching out; it would bind up like a cord stretched too tight. After the treatments, that pain and "bound feeling" is now gone." - CL