Storz DuoLith SD1 Therapy

At Wave It Away we are focused on delivering FDA approved, cutting-edge medical technology to the Tri-State area. We offer focused wave therapy.  The Storz DuoLith SD1 is an innovative machine that provides treatment for muscle and tendon pain as well as soft tissue injury.  Treatment is conducted by trained professionals in our discrete local offices. Our focus is on providing the community with the best possible treatment without the need for medication and surgery with our non-invasive Wave It Away therapy.

Satisfied clients have experienced significant relief from:


Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis Elbow


Back Pain

Erectile Dysfunction

Minimal Discomfort

Unlike some traditional Wave Therapy, the Wave It Away therapy is virtually painless. There may be a sense of tingling during the treatment, but very little measurable discomfort.

Short Procedures

The Wave It Away offices allow for private procedures to take place in as little as 30 minutes.

Natural Erection

Wave It Away therapy stimulates growth factors which helps to make new blood vessels that bring more blood to your erection leading to lasting results.

No Medication

Our course of treatments will not require medications.  Our treatments can provide a reduction in medications previously taken.

No Surgery

Wave It Away therapy does not require any invasive surgical procedures, limiting risk and discomfort.

No Downtime

Wave It Away therapy allows you to continue your day as usual. No need to plan for any downtime after treatment.